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TestSheetReader - mark exams fast and accurately


Customize templates to match yourr answersheet.

Adjust parameters for detect color and sensitivity.

Customize parameters to suit color and black and white answersheets.


Identify multiple items at the same time with high speed and accuracy.

Provides effective error detection and control reporting tools.

Control and trace edits.

Mark the test

Exam marking is simple and accurate.

Conveniently import answers from Excel.

The output report has many scales suitable for the customer's intended use.


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Frequently asked questions

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Phone: +84 0898578920

Email: texvn.co@gmail.com

Zalo: TestSheetReader Support Team

FaceBook: TestSheetReader Fanpage

What is TestSheetReader?
TestSheetReader is a tool that allows users to easily scan and grade answer sheets for tests, exams, and surveys...
How does TestSheetReader work?
TestSheetReader works by using image recognition technology to scan and process marked answer sheets, converting them into text data. Users can design recognition templates, integrate the scanner , and the software automatically recognizes the answer sheets, processes them to generate detailed reports, and allows the user to make necessary adjustments. The software provides the ability to evaluate the test and create detailed analysis reports, supporting the evaluation and analysis of exam results effectively and accurately.
Can TestSheetReader handle different types of test sheets?
TestSheetReader is capable of handling many different types of test sheets thanks to its identifier design feature. Users can create new identifiers for specific types of test sheets, allowing the software to accurately identify and process data from diverse answer sheets.
Does TestSheetReader other question types?
TestSheetReader has been upgraded to be able to process with many questions type. Supports grading with multiple choice, true-false, short answer question types.
Is TestSheetReader accurate?
TestSheetReader is designed to be highly accurate in recognizing and processing answer sheets. The specific level of accuracy can depend on many factors such as the quality of the input image, the design of the answer sheet words, and how to set up recognition templates. Advanced image recognition technology helps ensure that data is processed accurately, minimizing the possibility of errors or mistakes. TestSheetReader has accurate color sheets can be up to 99.99%, with black and white cards the accuracy is about 99%.
Can TestSheetReader be integrated with other software?
Yes, TestSheetReader can be integrated with other software systems via APIs or custom integrations to streamline data processing and analysis.